I provide a specialist service repairing and colourising old black and white photos.

I use Adobe Lightroom to help restore photos to their former glories, or to add colour to ones which have previously only been seen in black and white.

You can see examples of my own family photos which I have colourised here

The service is ideal if you want to restore family photos either as a gift or as part of your work tracing your family tree. Get in touch with me via the email address below to discuss your request and my rates. 

Can my photo be colourised or restored?

If you are interested in using this service there are some things to consider:

  • The photograph(s) you wish to be repaired or colourised must be your own (or your family’s) property. Whether I work with your image(s) or not, I will never own the image now or in the future (though I may ask if it’s okay to feature your repaired photo as part of my portfolio to show other customers).

  • All images submitted must be submitted digitally (i.e. as scanned photos) sent by email / Dropbox etc. I will also accept a picture of a picture, but the image quality must be high enough for there to be a reasonable chance of being able to improve the original photo.

  • Images submitted for consideration should ideally be in the highest resolution format or file size you are able to provide (minimum 500KB). In short, the larger the original image the greater chance there is of having an end result you’ll be really happy with

  • Not all images can be repaired either easily or at all, so do keep this in mind before submitting your photo to avoid disappointment.

  • While I can’t guarantee that your photo can be significantly repaired, I won’t charge for images submitted which I cannot repair, or after attempting to repair I find that the standard isn’t high enough for you to be charged for the work.

Next steps

  1. Email me at: alex.donohue@talk21.com with details about your photo (ideally include the photo(s) as an attachment), the work you would like done, and when you might want it done by.

  2. I will then analyse the photo to see if I am able to repair and/or colourise it (in most cases I am able to do so). If I am, then I will get back to you shortly and we can agree what work will be done, when, and the cost (payments for work are usually made via PayPal)

  3. I will then work on repairing and/or colourising your photo(s) to the agreed brief and will send these to you at the agreed time once this work has been completed. 

My rates

Unlike many colourisation and restoration services, I charge by the picture not by the hour. However, some types of colourisation and restoration work are more complicated than others. For example, restoring and colourising a photo featuring a crowd of people vs a portrait of someone.

Nearly every black and white photo needs some degree of restoration before it can be colourised appropriately. I include this as part of any colourisation work, and my rates reflect the complexity of the work which needs to be done. 

The rates below are a guide. If the work is commissioned you will know how much it will cost before the work is carried out. My fees contain no hidden charges or other overheads. 

Small images (0.5 MB or less*)

  • Restoration (black and white only) – £10
  • Restoration and partial colourisation – £20
  • Restoration and full colourisation – £25

*Some images may be too small to restore or colourise effectively. 

Medium images (between 0.6 and 1.9MB)

  • Restoration (black and white only) – £15
  • Restoration and partial colourisation – £25
  • Restoration and full colourisation – £30

Large images (2MB+)

  • Restoration (black and white only) – £20
  • Restoration and partial colourisation – £30
  • Restoration and full colourisation – £40

I also consider DPI (Dots Per Inch) when deciding the complexity of the colourisation and/or restoration work.

Before and after

Below are some examples of my own family photos which I have repaired and/or colourised.